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The Round Stack

Sale price$149.99 USD

Framecolor: Black
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Product Specs

The Round Stack

If you think you may need some extra weight, this is the perfect add-on for your Round 2 umbrella base. Each stacker weighs 35 lbs. You can add up to 3 stackers for a total weight of 150 lbs.

Undertable Base
Fillable with sand or water

Heavy-Duty Weather Resistant Steel.

  • Each stacking base is 35 LBS.
  • Dimensions: 22in diameter
  • Suitable only for The Round 2 base.
  • The base is sold separately.
  • Up to 3 stackers per base.

10-year limited warranty on the frame.*

Terylast Fabrics: 10-year limited warranty.*

Sunbrella Fabric: 5-year limited warranty.*


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Rated 4.8 / 5
Based on 40 reviews
Brenda Bailey
The product was exactly as advertised. The measurements were correct, and the weight was what I needed to sturdy my stand. It only took me one stack to achieve this.
Pamela Haddock
There is nothing that I can complain about this product. I just came here to give it a 5-star rating for the added sturdiness on my base, the quality, and durability.
Deanne Unger
I loved shopping from Midtown Umbrellas. The user-friendliness of your website and the nice descriptions you give for your products help a person decide on the perfect choice.
Susan Cooper
One thing that stood out was the customer service. Very nice and friendly in the way they talked to me. All the details they gave me about the Round Stack turned out to be true.
Jon Zampese
Am glad that I don't have to worry about the stack rusting. Plus, the 25lb weight is what I needed for my under-the-table base stand, it's hard to notice it on the air, but it is a great addition to another perspective.
Nancy Salviola
The product is well worth its value. The price of the Round Stack gives you a glimpse of what you expect from the stack. It has good functionality, plus you can fill the stack with either water or sand!!!
Andrew Powali
Instead of having a bag of rocks sit on my stand, I love how modern and sleek this stack looks. Weighs the umbrella down with perfection and style :)
Catherine Gehrt
A neat idea. You just grab and slide and fits right in. Really neat
Debra Parker
I bought this thinking this was a base. My bad
Helen Maninakis
Slide it right in and looks good. Can't be easier than that.
Tammie Thompson
It's a nice extra weight for a standalone umbrella when you have no table. It hasn't really tipped in the breeze at all. Happy so far.
Ron Sislowski
This is a great idea for a weight. Now with the base stacks the umbrellas remained upright with no issues. EVen with big weathers it was still good.If not for the weight stacks, we wouldn't have as good summers! Thanks
Deborah Mattin
I appreciate the how sturdy it is and the material quality. Make sure to stack it properly. It looks nice when you place it.
Patrick Dooley
I can't believe how sturdy it is. My umbrella won't move. Good material, steel. High quality. It's an excellent value for the price
Cynthia Owens
The ease of us and the weight can all be credit from the durable and strong material it's used from. I have a 10 ft umbrella. It's now a strongly placed umbrella. I'm glad I don't have to go through the hassle of purchasing a new umbrella.
Lawrene P. Viens
I just received this a couple days ago and just used it on a breezy day in Boston. Our umbrella used to wabble but now with the stack it doesn't it all.
Thomas Dillon
A one person job. I'm a 70 year old woman and it's a simple task to attach. I like this product.
Debbie Tebbetts
This was just what i needed. It does the job just right and is very attractive!
Dina Rametta
I wish i heard about this item earlier. It's a great slick solution to weigh down my umbrella. It holds up well against the winds. Highly recommend this product.
Beth Harris
Living in South Florida, we get a lot of winds. So an umbrella weight is a must when you live here. The weight works well and is very sturdy.
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