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The Granite Base

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Product Specs

The Granite Base

Enjoy the most sturdy and elegant way to properly secure your market umbrella, whether used under a table or free-standing.

This base weighs 85 lbs.


Heavy-duty granite



Market Umbrellas

Base Dimensions

18in X 18in X 3in

Pole diameter





10-year limited warranty on the frame.*

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Rated 4.8 / 5
Based on 16 reviews
Bonnie Spiegelberg
Loving the way it compliments my backyard design. Placing it on the floor, it's hard to notice it, but the sturdiness it has is one of a kind. I know it's a quality product from the granite material used, and the finishing was nicely done.
Mary Healey
The quality of the Granite base is exemplary. It was a pleasure getting it, and I am lucky that with the 24x24 inches, the command works perfectly for my umbrella. It is a great product.
Rick Pryor
When I first got it, it fell, and I thought I almost lost it. I was surprised to realize that it had no cracks, and it has remained functional all through. You should add more colors for this base.
Lois Miller
I know it's not supposed to be about the looks, but I love how it looks. I couldn't believe the heavy-duty granite was like this. The finishing done on the Granite Base is nothing short art.
David Blackshear
I am not disappointed with what I got. This is an impressively high-quality and sturdy base. Good job, and the 1.5'' diameter works exemplary for my umbrella, and the overall look of the product is simply mind-blowing.
Hans Hingst
The granite base's size, 24in x 24in, is lovely and an excellent feature for stability. I never really understood what the small spaces beneath the umbrella were for. Overall, it is a great product.
Cassandra Ingram
The Granite Base is very functional and steady. The granite material making up the base had me worried that it would fall into pieces bit by bit but so far, not even a single detail has fallen off. It's beautiful with a great warranty.
Braden Power
The delivery came in a few days early, and the base was nicely packaged. I am happy that setting it up was easy, and it was a perfect match for my 8ft umbrella.
Paula Yarber
For the price, I am pleased with the quality it came with. The product has been sturdy, with a nice size of 24x24 inches, and the weight allows me to move the umbrella whenever I want
Linda Denkensohn
It's not too heavy to stop you from moving it around and still strong enough to hold the umbrella in position. The sturdiness is high, and the product has remained the best base I have ever bought.
Gina Little
Bought a couple of them for my cafe. The customers seem to notice and love them. They cover a wide enough area of 242x24 incches, and even when placed under the table, there is minimal foot traffic.
Ellen Traina
It holds well, plus fits even better on my granite floor. You can't even notice the difference. It works except for my umbrella, and it holds it down wonderfully.
Rosemary Grippo
The Granite Base is lovely in the design used, and the materials add to its beauty. It has to be a durable product since the granite materials are everything resistant. No worries about the water are eroding it or the elements. Plus, it holds even large umbrellas well.
Mary P Donahue
It has been a while, and it's still holding up quite well.  I started doubting the quality of the product since it began to getting scratched. I hope I am wrong, and it is durable. Overall, the look is dazzling.
Amanda Gonzales
After getting the product, what struck me was that it did not look as it did online. The finishing was not perfectly fine, and I guess thats the difference. It, however, is steady enough for my umbrella, and in the few months I had it, I can't complain about anything else.
The Granite Base
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