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Midtown Market/Tilt Umbrella Cover

Sale price$49.99 USD

Color: Tan
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Product Specs

Midtown Market/Tilt Umbrella Cover

Protect your Midtown Market Umbrella or Tilt Umbrella with this lightweight, waterproof and durable cover.


10-year limited warranty on the frame.*

Terylast Fabrics: 10-year limited warranty.*

Sunbrella Fabric: 5-year limited warranty.*


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Rated 4.9 / 5
Based on 99 reviews
Jan Laquey
The cover is straightforward to stash and put away when it is not in use. In the two weeks I have owned it, it has been practical, sturdy, and has protected my umbrella well against the elements.
Daniel Hill
If you want a quality cover and comes at the right price, I recommend this one with a 5-star quality, a 5 star in durability, and it is just perfect.
Patty Hodges
The material used to make the product is 100% quality assured. It is an excellent feature on the cover that allows it to protect. My umbrella in the best way possible.
Christine Darges
It's the first time buying a product from Midtown, and I am sure I will be back again. The quality of the cover was exquisite, and the services were outstanding.
Laurie Union
When I first got it, I thought it was lovely. Now a couple of months later, I still think it's nice.  The time I have had it, it hasn't disappointed me, not even one bit
David Kolstee
The packaging was incredible, and the product looked better in person. It makes me feel like my umbrella is on the right cover. It hasn't been a struggle putting the body on the umbrella.
Sharon Mccormick
For the price, I will have to say it's a great buy. My experience with other stores has let me know that I got a sturdier high-quality cover I can rely on
Patrick Cook
The lovely colors offered were friendly and made me very happy, realizing I could match it to my outside decor. It has been an honor getting it from Midtown.
Michele Kraus
The fabric is solid and heavy, making me feel good that it will last for a long time. It is easy putting it on my umbrella since I am tall, but it might be problematic for short people.
Alan Siegal
One thing that stands out about the cover is the total coverage it gives. It's big enough to be protective and cover the base of my 6ft umbrella.
John Figurelli
I have to say that this is a great outdoor cover. It has not disappointed me at all. It just might be the best cover I have ever purchased.
John Mahlum
The cover has well-protected my umbrella from the sun. I just had to give it a 5 star. I am proud to have gotten value for my money.
Jodi Canzoneri
I love this cover for multiple reasons. It was worth every coin I spent on it, and I got a product with the cash I spent on it. It is attractive to look at it.
Michael Snow
I bought the grey-colored Midtown Market Umbrella Cover, and its looks are outstanding. It fits very tightly at the top and not so tight at the bottom.
Kyle Allemand
I had a bit of trouble mounting it to the umbrella, but when I figured that out, it was so easy from there. Overall, it's a fantastic product.
James Zellmer
I didn't believe that the shipping fee was free until I got my cover delivered. The services are one of a kind, and we are happy to have shopped with you guys.
Jewel Safren
The description tried in describing the product, but you don't get the whole feel of it until you see it. It's a great buy that is worth your money.
Sean Cairns
I just recently bought this product, and it is impressive. Excellent in the way it is stitched, and the style is lovely. An umbrella cover that is very easy to maintain.
Earl Schellenberg
The cover looks great, and it has been stitched wonderfully. It's a great product. Since it's new, it will take time to know whether it's durable or not.
Cliff Mcnamara
A friend told me that it would not last more than four months, and it's been six now, and it's holding pretty fine. With the ten year warranty, I am confident about the product
Midtown Market/Tilt Umbrella Cover
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