Why Does Our Wooden Umbrella Have an Aluminum Body?

Why Does Our Wooden Umbrella Have an Aluminum Body?

Why Our Wooden Umbrella Features an Aluminum Body?

Typical wooden umbrellas are a mark of elegance. This classic parasol is inspired by the European-chic style that makes it a classic. Not only does the umbrella efficiently protect you from the sun and rain, but it also enhances the aesthetics of the garden and pool area. This very idea inspires the Wooden series from Midtown Umbrellas.

The aluminum construction of our Wooden Umbrella ensures better protection against rotting, warping, and other damages. In addition, the metal framing adds some weight to the otherwise lighter umbrella. That helps it sustain under high winds.

Midtown Umbrella offers many different umbrellas under The Wooden series. The Wooden and The Wooden 2 are two of our prime Aluminum Series umbrellas. Also, The Supreme Wooden is an exotic cantilever from the Wooden LED Series.

This article will explain why we decided to include the metal framing in our Wooden Umbrella series.

What are the Different Material Choices for Umbrella?

When choosing the suitable material for the umbrella, the discussion goes well beyond the fabric of the canopy. You need to pay attention to every aspect of the sunshade, from the twistable top to the ribs and pole.

Now the pole and ribs can be made of various materials. Following are the top three choices for the umbrella pole.


Wooden umbrellas have been around for a long time and exude a classic appeal. This type of umbrella looks good around any patio table set. You also get various choice options when it comes to umbrellas with a wooden pole.

The frame of the umbrella usually comes with a pulley or push-up-and-pin system. However, the tilting mechanism is rarely seen in this type of umbrella.

Apart from the elegant and classic appearance, the wooden umbrellas also have other advantages. Due to varnishing, these are somewhat waterproof. Also, wood does not catch rust and can sustain the heat of the blazing sun longer. It can even handle heavy rainfall, as long as it does not get too windy.


As opposed to the wooden frame, aluminum is a much more durable and versatile material for the umbrella pole. This material is resistant to rust as well and is exceptionally sturdy. Moreover, most aluminum frames come with crank lifts, making them easy to open and close. You also get the push-up and pulley-system umbrellas with an aluminum pole.

There are also cast iron umbrellas, which offer similar durability. But iron is usually more prone to rust and is a heavier metal.

Nonetheless, the metal framework, whether aluminum or iron, can withstand heavy wind easily. This is not possible due to the lighter construction of the wooden umbrella. Also, the metal frames usually come painted, making them more suitable according to the color aesthetics of your patio furniture.

This is where Midtown Umbrella’s Wooden Umbrella is a class apart. It brings the rustic and classic look of the wood umbrella and the modern aesthetics of the aluminum frame together.

What are the Disadvantages of Complete Wooden Umbrella?

Having a wood umbrella may remind you of the classic era, but it does have some disadvantages.

The lighter construction makes it difficult to operate and remain stable during heavy wind. So, you must not use or open the umbrella when it is too windy.

Also, you will need to add a separate weighted base to the umbrella if you want it to remain stable outdoors.

Another drawback of fully wooden umbrellas is that they are usually not painted. So, if you do not have rustic décor, the parasol may look out of place with the rest of the patio furniture.

There is also the concern of durability. Sure, you do not have to worry about rust, But what about wood warping? Due to moisture, your wood umbrella can deform from different parts and be broken or look disfigured.

These problems do not occur with the aluminum frame.

How the Aluminum Framing Benefits Our Wooden umbrella?

The thick high-grade aluminum used in The Wooden series umbrellas by Midtown Umbrellas makes them the best of both worlds. You no longer have to choose between wood and metal umbrella.

Instead, you can enjoy the benefits of both materials. Here are some reasons for us to include the aluminum body in the Wooden series.

Warp Proofing

Wood warping is a common problem in all wooden products. Warping can turn the wood dry, spreading moisture unevenly across its body. That can cause unusual stress on different wood parts, causing them to deform and even brake.

The Wooden Umbrella from Midtown Umbrella has been designed with this problem in mind. The aluminum construction ensures protection from rusting and warping, while the wood-grain finish gives it the chic European look you seek.

Better Weather Resistance

Apart from warping, the Wooden is also better at resisting all outdoor weather conditions. The premium aluminum ribs are attached using custom rib connectors. That makes it easy to operate the umbrella using the push and pop mechanism,

Even the pole is made of aluminum, despite having a realistic wood print design. It makes the entire frame rust-proof and weather resistant as well.

More Stability

Due to the robust aluminum framing, you no longer have to worry about the stability of the umbrella. The parasol will not fall or be blown away even during high wind situations. So, you can enjoy the protection of the stable umbrella while the beautiful wood print design enhances the aesthetics of your patio.


Despite the name, the Wooden umbrellas from Midtown Umbrellas flaunt commercial-grade aluminum framing. You may wonder what the need is.

The wooden appearance grants them elegance and a classic appearance that enhances any outdoor dinner setting. However, these umbrellas have none of the disadvantages of the typical market wood umbrellas.

Thanks to the aluminium framing, you do not have to worry about stability, warping, or other problems. Instead, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, the stability and durability of aluminum and the aesthetics and elegance of wood.

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