Why Does Midtown Use Sunbrella Fabric in Its Outdoor Umbrellas?

Why Does Midtown Use Sunbrella Fabric in Its Outdoor Umbrellas?

What is Acrylic Fabric in Our Outdoor Products?

Did you know Midtown uses special acrylic fibers in its canopies and umbrellas? Sunbrella fabric helps provide high quality and strength to ensure long-lasting results. It is the meeting point of beauty and functionality.

All canopy fabrics are carefully designed to ensure you get the best designs and performance. From durability to how easy it is to clean, everything is taken into account.

But how is it helpful for you? How is it better than the other options available in the market? Read on to find out.

What is Acrylic Fiber?

Acrylic fabric is woven out of acrylic yarns. It is produced synthetically using polymers from petroleum products. It is made to imitate the best qualities required from a piece of fabric and is used in different objects like clothing, furniture and now even canopies. It is then solution dyed to give you a variety of color options.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Fiber?

Acrylic fiber is highly durable, making it the perfect fabric for canopies and outdoor umbrellas. Multiple organizations have recognized Sunbrella as safe for use. It won the International Seal of Recommendation for UV fabric/Umbrellas Awnings by the Skin Cancer Foundation. That proves it's safe for your skin.

Some of its benefits include -

1. Sunbrella Fabric is Fade Resistant

It can resist harsh weather conditions and tolerate intense sun rays. It is solution dyed, making it resistant to fading and degradation caused by sunlight. How? Each yarn is fully covered with color rather than just the surface area.

High temperature, UV rays, and exposure to rain cannot make the fabric fade. That gives your canopy a brand new look even after years.

It is heat resistant and can resist acid rain, air pollution, and salt water, making it perfect for use on beaches, rooftops, large cities, and outdoor spaces.

2. Easy to Clean

Sunbrella fabrics are water resistant, and you can easily wash off water stains. Any liquid would simply pearl upon the fabric's surface instead of being absorbed. You can easily clean off any dirt without worrying about stains.

3. Resistant to Mold and Water

One of the biggest problems with most fabrics is that they can easily be affected by mold, mildew and water. However, this is not the same for Sunbrella fabrics. These fabrics can be left out for long times without worrying about any damage caused by mold. It extends the life of your umbrella by preventing any mildew growth.

All you need to do is properly clean and air dry the fabric before storage, and it'll remain as good as new for quite a long time.

4. Available in Different Color Options

Sunbrella fabrics are available in various color options, making for attractive umbrellas. You can choose any color that fits your interior style and go for it. They are also used for objects like upholstery, cushions, shades and windows, making them easy to pair.

What are the Color Options Available?

The fabric is solution dyed and does not quickly fade. It is highly pigmented to give you bright colors. It is available in a variety of colors like-

  • Antique Beige
  • Heather Tan
  • Black
  • White
  • Aruba
  • Bay Brown
  • Burgundy
  • Cast Shale
  • Cast Slate
  • Bay Brown
  • Yellow
  • Terracotta
  • Bengali Purple
  • Tuscan
  • Forest Green
  • Dark Blue
  • Macaw
  • Black and White Stripe

What are the Design Options Available?

How to Clean Sunbrella Fabrics?

With extreme quality comes the need for extreme care. You must ensure that you keep the fabric clean and free of dust. That will help make your fabric look as good as new and last longer.

To clean the fabric, first, brush off any loose dirt. Then spray a solution of mild soap in water onto the fabric. After it soaks in, use a soft bristled brush to clean the fabric. Air dry it thoroughly to get rid of any trapped moisture.

How Does It Benefit the Environment?

Sunbrella fabrics are made with the goal of sustainability in mind. The high quality ensures low replacement and wastage. Acrylic fiber uses much less energy in its production process.

They aim to minimize waste by diverting and recycling 90% of its waste. The dyeing process uses less water hence making it an environment-friendly choice.


Sunbrella fabric is widely recognized for its qualities and has received numerous certifications to attest to the same.

  • GREENGUARD Gold Certification - It recognizes Sunbrella fabrics for being low on chemicals, ensuring the air you breathe beneath the parasol is clean and healthy.
  • OEKO-TEX label (class II – products with direct contact with the skin) - This certification recognizes that the fabric contains no materials that can prove harmful to one's skin or the environment.
  • Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Approval - The fabric helps block UV rays that are harmful to the skin.

In Conclusion

Being acquainted with the process behind making the fabric will help you make informed choices. Midtown uses Sunbrella acrylic fabric for its various benefits to give you the quality you deserve. It is available in easy-to-install designs and attractive colors.

We also provide products in Terylast material. You can weigh the benefits of both and decide for yourself.

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