Is Swiveling Really Necessary?

Is Swiveling Really Necessary?

If you are new to the world of patio furniture, it can be very difficult to decide the umbrella type you should go for. Having said that, many people consider buying a swiveling cantilever umbrella but fail to understand why it differs from the rest of the umbrellas. This is where they usually ask, is swiveling necessary? Let's learn all there is to know about swiveling patio umbrellas.

What is Swiveling?

The swiveling umbrella is a mechanism that allows the umbrellas to turn in whatever direction you want them to move in. If you spend most of your day outdoor, on your patio, you will see how your normal patio umbrella is not a good enough fit for you. With the direction of direct sunlight changes throughout the day, it is important to get a versatile patio umbrella that swivels.

There are different patio umbrellas that come with the swiveling mechanism that lets you turn and tilt the umbrella in whichever direction you want. The harmful UV rays are best avoided and the swiveling umbrella can be the best option for that exclusive purpose.

Such umbrellas are often designed with a stable offset. The stable offset makes this umbrella a great match for spaces that do not permit you to get a big patio umbrella. They make great use of space and have many other undeniable benefits. But first, let's take a look at different mechanisms you can opt for when it comes to swiveling umbrellas.

Swilt Mechanism

The swilt mechanism is an extra ordinary patio umbrella that allows users to swivel the umbrella and tilt it in whichever direction they want to use it throughout the day. The swilt mechanism is of great convenience as it allows users to move the umbrella without any problems and in a seamless fashion.

The swilt mechanism works best with a weighted square base. The base should be around 55lbs to give necessary support to the patio umbrella. The aluminum frame allows the patio umbrella to move 360 degrees and give you the complete coverage you need. The ribs are made of fiberglass which allows the umbrella to move around smoothly. Such umbrellas typically come in three different sizes such as 8ft, 9ft and 10ft. You can get the size according to your needs.

Furthermore, the swilt mechanism allows users to enjoy their view without the pole obstructing the view. This is the best companion for your poolside to enjoy your days peacefully.

Supreme Mechanism

The Supreme Cantilever patio umbrella also works on the same pattern as the swilt mechanism. However, it is one of the biggest patio umbrellas out there. One can easily tilt it or swivel it as per your needs and the patio umbrella will serve its purpose. The supreme mechanism is the best fit for big spaces as it has a huge canopy and the mechanism allows users to use it in however way they want and as per the direction of the sunlight.

The supreme mechanism uses a supreme base as it is a big patio umbrella. This base is fillable and comes with wheels so that you can easily move it wherever you want to.

Furthermore, the supreme mechanism comes with an auto tilt square that helps you tilt the umbrella without any problems. The extended frame makes this mechanism a much sought after option for the users.

Why Swiveling Umbrellas Are A Good Option?

If you're thinking ' Is Swiveling Really Necessary?' here are some factors that can help you decide whether you should get the swiveling umbrella or not.

Flexible Position

One of the biggest benefits of a swiveling umbrella is its flexibility. You can keep the umbrella wherever you wish to keep it and then swivel the canopy around to get the highest amount of shade. The versatility of its 360-degree movement makes it a great companion for your poolside or any outdoor patio settings. If you like moving your furniture around, you can use the swiveling patio umbrella and then position it as per the setting to give you complete shadow coverage.


Swiveling umbrella is a very valuable aesthetic addition to the patio. These umbrellas do not obstruct your view with the pole. As the pole is usually on the side, the cantilever umbrella is a great option for the poolside as you can look onto the pool and enjoy the view completely. Moreover, such swiveling umbrellas are great to have unique and versatile furniture setups. They are very different from the traditional central pole and can give you futuristic and modern decor.


The cantilever umbrellas are very convenient as they just don't provide shade for the furniture set-up but they also provide ample shade for the pool. The versatility of the cantilever umbrella allows it to give users much larger sunlight coverage and makes it convenient for users to spend more and more time out in the sun as per their preference.

Easy Operation

It is usually very difficult to change the position of the patio umbrella if you want it to cover any other space. However, the cantilever umbrella helps users easily change its direction or swivel it around to cover whatever area they need to cover.

Space Saving

The swiveling umbrella gives a lot of space to users as they can place it in the corner or prop it against the wall and use all the shade the big canopy provides. Since there is no center pole, you won't have to make space for the base in the center of your seating arrangement and efficiently use the space however way you want to.

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