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Fill Up Base Assbembly Instructions

Fill Up Base Assbembly Instructions

Step 1: Prepare Base

- Carefully place the base on a flat surface, at installation site.

- Remove the screw and washer from the base pole.

Step 2: Install Base Pole

- Insert pole into the base hole.

- Flip the base to its side.

- Using an Allen key, install the screw and washer.

Step 3: Fill Base

- Remove the cap.

- Fill up the base with water or sand.

- Once full, place the cap back on and make sure it is properly closed.

Step 4:

- Remove the knob from the pole base.

- Insert widest inner ring in the knob.

- Place the knob back on the pole base.

Step 5: Insert Umbrella

- Loosen the knob on the base pole.

- Insert the umbrella in the base pole.

- Tighten the knob so the umbrella pole does not move.

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