Which Patio Umbrella Fabric is Right For You?

Which Patio Umbrella Fabric is Right For You?

Outdoor Umbrellas and Their Fabrics: Here's All You Need to Know!

Buying the perfect outdoor umbrella for your patio can be daunting, especially when the market is loaded with tons of options. Be it the color, fabric, style, size, or design, there's something for everyone!

So, if you've been researching outdoor umbrellas, you must have come across the importance of using suitable fabric. Moreover, beyond the design aspect, the type of fabric matters more.

After all, the kind of fabric you choose will determine the amount of UV protection and sun shield your umbrella will provide you. So, this article covers all that you need to know about choosing a suitable fabric. Let's deep dive!

What are the Different Types of Canopy Fabrics?

A patio umbrella can deck up your space and create a wonderful accent on your patio or outdoor space. As a result, it can bring a great deal of pop to any backyard area. However, many of these umbrellas are made of inferior fabrics. So, naturally, they cannot withstand harmful UV rays, water, salt, and other elements.

There are many different materials for a canopy available in the market for. Choosing the right one which is hardy but attractive at the same time can be tough.

Hence, to clear the clutter, this section will discuss some of the best-looking canopy fabrics that offer optimum protection against all weather.

1. Acrylic fabric – Sunbrella

When it comes to canopy fabrics, Sunbrella has a reputation similar to that of gold! This acrylic fabric is one of the best ones for residential and commercial outdoor textiles.

The material is resistant to many harsh environmental elements, and the color doesn't fade away quickly. It will look bright as ever for years to come!

Sunbrella acrylic is available in several solid colors, designs, and patterns. It is ideally used for outdoor umbrellas, shades, upholstery, pillows, etc. You can find umbrellas with this canopy fabric in many luxury hotels and resorts worldwide.

Acrylic Sunbrella
Material 100% dyed acrylic fabric
UV Protection 98%
Fade Resistant Yes
Mildew Resistant Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Cleaning With soap, water, and even bleach
Permeable Yes
Pricing Premium
Warranty 5-10-year limited warranty

2. Polyester – Terylast

This fabric is one of the richest in color and is luxurious to feel and touch. It's an excellent patio canopy fabric and has the smoothest texture. Compared to other types of fabric, it dries up fairly quickly.

Terylast polyester is a heavy-duty fabric that is excellent for extreme weather conditions. Polyester is usually one of the top choices for harsh weather like rain and snow.

Generally, these fabrics are soft in texture and vibrant in colors. So, if you need a heavy-duty polyester that adds an aesthetic sense to your patio, you can certainly consider going for this fabric. Terylast is very thick and extremly similar to Sunbrella. They use the same solution dyed method which allows for very long durability.

Along with offering rich colorings and good quality, Terylast is also a fade-resistant fabric. As a result, it will retain the same color for a long time.

Polyester Terylast
UV Protection 98%
Fade Resistant Yes
Mildew Resistant Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Cleaning Soap and water
Permeable Yes
Pricing Economical
Warranty 10-year limited
Material Heavy-duty solution-dyed polyester

3. Olefin – Texsilk

Olefin is a synthetic material made out of polyester and is highly water-resistant. It is designed to be durable and handle dirt, water, snow, and other similar weather conditions.

Since Olefin is quite mildew-resistant, it can be helpful if you live in areas that receive heavy rainfall. Additionally, it is also color-fast and UV-resistant.

Texsilk olefin fabric is made keeping in mind the harsh environmental issues. It provides a high degree of protection from UV rays. Along with this, it is stain-resistant and can endure bleach and chlorine cleaning. This fabric is available in more than one hundred patterns.

Olefin Texsilk
UV Protection UPF 80
Fade Resistant Yes
Mildew Resistant Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Stain Resistant Yes
Cleaning Soap, water, and bleach
Permeable Yes
Pricing Economical
Warranty 2-year limited

4. Polyethylene – Coolaroo

As the name suggests, Coolaroo polyethylene fabric was created to endure the extreme weather conditions of Australia. While doing so, it offers protection from heat and the harmful UV rays from the sun.

It has a unique and patented yarn weave that allows cool breezes to flow through the fabric. It is designed in a unique way to offer you optimum cooling as you sit under the umbrella for respite from the scorching heat.

However, this fabric is available only in a limited number of solid colors and patterns.

Polyethylene Coolaroo
UV Protection 90%
Fade Resistant Yes. However, it is translucent
Mildew Resistant Yes
Water Resistant No
Cleaning Soap and water
Permeable Yes
Pricing Economical
Warranty 5-year limited
Other features Allows cool airflow

5. Polyester – Pacifica

Polyester has multiple properties that make it a popular choice for canopy fabrics. This fabric is also way cheaper when compared to the rest. One type of polyester that is most commonly featured on patio umbrellas is Pacifica.

Its main advantage is that it can hold color for up to four times more than traditional polyester. Additionally, it can also retain other characteristics at a much lower cost than acrylic.

Polyester Pacifica
Material 100% dyed polyester fabric
UV Protection UPF 40
Fade Resistant Yes. However, it fades more quickly than acrylic
Mildew Resistant Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Cleaning Soap and water
Permeable Yes
Pricing Feasible
Warranty 4-year limited

How to Choose the Best Canopy Fabric?

Since fabrics come in many different sizes, styles, colors, and patterns, it can be challenging to select one that best works for you. Along with this, you also need to ensure regular care and maintenance of both the umbrella and its fabric to ensure longevity.

To choose better fabrics, here are some points that you can consider.

  • Affordability – Some canopy fabrics may be overly priced. However, they are worth spending the extra money, given the many benefits that they come with.
  • Care – Since patio umbrellas see a lot of direct sunlight, it's essential to choose a fabric that will sustain and endure the amount of sunlight. Taking good care of the fabric will help extend its lifespan.

Therefore, Terylast would be the best bang for your buck in terms of quality versus price. They truely have amazing fabric with high grade ratings.

Wrapping Up

While it may be slightly confusing to choose a single fabric that best suits your requirements, the list mentioned above of fabrics will make it easier for you. Choosing the suitable fabric for your outdoor patio is as essential as choosing the right base.

One provides support to the umbrella, while another protects you from the sun's harmful rays. Make sure to research well and invest in a product only after its specifications satisfy you. Ensuring that you go for a fabric that can endure and withstand harsh weather conditions extends the lifespan of the product and offers you optimum protection.

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