Learn how to pitch a beach umbrella all by yourself

Learn how to pitch a beach umbrella all by yourself

How to Pitch a Beach Umbrella the Right Way?

Sitting by the seashore under a beautiful umbrella with summer drinks is dreamy. What is not is that umbrella going crazy because of a strong wind. You cannot change the direction of the wind blows but pitching a beach umbrella is undoubtedly in your hands.

All it takes is simple considerations like wind direction, anchor, type of lift in the umbrella, and other features. Just looking after a few elements and a little bit of practice will help you pitch the beach umbrella properly.

Moreover, beach umbrellas are pretty heavy, and many people find them difficult to pitch. So, in this article, you will learn all the techniques to pitch a beach umbrella.

What Makes It Difficult to Plant a Beach Umbrella?

Are you avoiding a beach vacation because the umbrella takes forever to stay sturdy? Not anymore! Before you explore the hacks behind pitching an umbrella on a beach, it is essential to understand the root of the problem.

Below are some things that might create a problem in pitching the umbrella.

  • Weight of the umbrella: If you have purchased a heavy umbrella, then it will be a challenging task to pitch it. You must consider replacing this one with another umbrella because heavier ones are not suitable for beachside visits.
  • Heavy winds: This is something you can do nothing about. However, it is possible to choose a time when conditions are less windy.
  • Shape of the umbrella: An umbrella with a rigid shape - squarish, rectangular, or triangular - may not withstand high wind speeds. The aerodynamics of such umbrellas does not allow the wind to flow smoothly over the surface.
  • Features of the umbrella: Some of the beach umbrellas have tilting feature that allows you to deal with heavy winds. The already tilted umbrella makes it easier to adjust the angle accordingly.
  • Density of sand: Sometimes, you have to remember that it is not about your umbrella or pitching skills. Many beaches have shallow sand depth, which does not allow you to properly plant or anchor the umbrella.

Techniques to Pitch the Beach Umbrella

Here are some fantastic techniques or hacks you can utilize to pitch the umbrella on a beach. Go ahead and read to know more.

1. Make the Right Choice

Be it anything starting from umbrella to its accessories or planting equipment. You must not purchase in a hurry. Always think through the products and see how useful they will turn out to be. Consider Midtown Umbrellas’ Beach Umbrella as a good option.

Always look for better quality, even if it means paying a few extra bucks. This is the first step to ensuring that there is nothing wrong with the product and that you don’t have to invest in anything extra.

2. Securing the Pole

One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to pitch the umbrella after setting up everything. You must reverse your techniques! Beach umbrellas have two poles that are joined together.

You must first secure the bottom part of the pole to do it quickly. Once you have secured it, attaching the upper part is easy.

3. Get a Useful Anchor

Not all anchors help you with pitching the umbrella. Many of them have blunt ends that do not penetrate easily. Hence, you must always check for anchors with pointed ends so that they can penetrate easily.

An anchor with a screw-like groove at the end is better than a plain one. The increased surface area ensures better pitching of the umbrella.

4. Keep Base as the Backup

No matter how often you practice, it does not guarantee that your umbrella will remain sturdy. In such situations, having handy is a good idea. Moreover, the base has not one but usually three anchors at the end.

This will make things easier for you and give you a better alternative. But, always take care of the heavy winds because bases cannot sustain the load of the wind at all times.

5. Understand Wind Direction

You would be lucky if the wind direction were the same as the direction of the sunlight. You can tilt your umbrella in the opposite direction and prevent it from flying off.

A majority of people fail to plant their umbrellas properly because they cannot assess the direction of the wind.


Keeping everything in mind, one can look at the pitching umbrella from two perspectives. You can either use the latest tools or take intelligent actions. Planting the umbrella is not just limited to pitching skills and wind direction. There are many other hacks that beach lovers use to enjoy their leisure.

However, understanding the technique has never harmed anybody. Moreover, trying does not cost anything. You must remember that your safe and fun time on the beach matters the most at the end of the day.

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