5 Tips on How to Keep Your Umbrella Forever

5 Tips on How to Keep Your Umbrella Forever

A patio umbrella will add a beautiful look to any property. Your umbrella will create a distinct style while also protecting an outdoor spot. But regardless of what your umbrella looks like or how it works, it could wear and become less effective after a while.

You don’t have to worry about your patio umbrella prematurely aging or becoming weak if you’re careful. You can use these tips to help you keep your umbrella looking striking for years to come.

Clean Your Umbrella Each Week

One good idea is to clean your umbrella each week. A weekly cleaning clears off dust, debris, and other things. It keeps the umbrella looking new, plus it prevents these outside items from sticking to your umbrella. Routine cleaning is necessary for all environments, especially in spots where tree sap and bird droppings could be a problem.

How Can You Clean Your Umbrella?

You can use a few steps to clean your umbrella the right way:

  1. Remove the fabric from the umbrella. The process for doing so will vary by model.
  2. Brush off the material with a broom.
  3. Prepare a mix of mild soap with lukewarm water. Avoid using detergents, as they might harm the body.
  4. Use a scrubbing brush to clean the surface with a mix of soap and water.
  5. You can then reattach the material to the frame.

Close the Umbrella at the Right Times

While it’s great to have your umbrella open as long as possible, it could be damaged if you keep it open during some rougher times. Close your umbrella when the winds in your area get to 25 miles per hour or greater. Anything too strong might be rough for your umbrella to manage.

Be Cautious When Opening Your Umbrella

Make sure when opening your umbrella that you do it slowly and without cranking to fast. Your umbrella might be easy to open and close, but it could still develop snags and other issues if you aren’t careful enough with your model.

How Do You Open Your Umbrella?

You can use these steps to help you open your umbrella the right way without damaging anything:

  1. Make sure the umbrella is properly anchored. The base should be steady and flat.
  2. Pull the ribs around the umbrella’s end away from the pole to prevent them from snagging on the body.
  3. Check on how well the umbrella moves up, mainly if your model features a crank. Watch for how the body shifts.
  4. Look at how the lock at the top of the umbrella works. The feature should work to where the umbrella will be properly deployed without the unit sliding down further.

Store Your Umbrella Well During the Offseason

Another tip for caring for your umbrella involves how you’ll store the umbrella during the offseason. Your umbrella could become dirty during the fall and winter from leaves falling on its body. It could also be damaged by excess snow and ice. The weight from precipitation during the winter can damage your umbrella, thus making it essential for you to store the umbrella somewhere indoors.

How You Can Store Your Umbrella

There are a few points to use when storing your umbrella for the season:

  • Be sure you take the umbrella apart based on the proper instructions. Make sure you release it from the base and that you don’t risk it slipping off on a space.
  • Use a separate umbrella cover to keep the fabric safe during the offseason while in storage. Be sure whatever design you use can fit the entire umbrella body.
  • Hang your umbrella on the wall inside a garage or other indoor spot. Many umbrellas come with hooks or other attachments to help you hang the unit somewhere. You can use two or more separate hooks on your wall and horizontally lay the umbrella there if you prefer.

Keep the Base for Your Umbrella Safe

The umbrella base is as essential as the rest of the umbrella itself. The base should be kept safe to where it will not slip or crack apart. A body that isn’t anchored well will keep the umbrella from staying upright, putting the surface and the rest of the umbrella at risk of harm.

The base should stay level and steady without causing the umbrella to shake when it is windy outside. You’ll still need to keep the umbrella closed if it is too windy, but the rest of the body should remain stable if the umbrella is anchored the right way.

What You Can Do for Your Base

You can do a few things to help you keep your base safe and secure:

  • Clean off the base at the same time you clean the rest of the umbrella. You can use a broom to dust off debris, but avoid using excess water. Too much water can cause the base to warp.
  • Keep the item indoors during the winter. The base could expand and crack due to the cold weather. It may also develop cracks from freezing conditions.
  • For cases where the umbrella anchor might slip, look for ties that can help keep the base in a spot. The ties should stick to the bottom part of the anchor.
  • Move the umbrella to another site if you cannot get the anchor to stay in one place even after using ties or another anchor.

A Final Note

Be sure when looking at your umbrella that you know how it works and how you’re going to manage its body. Your patio umbrella can last a lifetime if you put in the right care.

Check the instructions for how to use your umbrella and how it is arranged. You can use these points to guide you in knowing how to maintain your umbrella well.

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