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La pila cuadrada

Precio de oferta$149.99 USD

Framecolor: Negro
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La pila cuadrada

Si cree que puede necesitar algo de peso adicional, este es el complemento perfecto para la base de su sombrilla Square 2. Cada apilador pesa 35 libras. Puede agregar hasta 3 apiladores para un peso total de 150 libras.

Peso apilable
Con ruedas
55 libras
Diámetro del poste de 1,5"
Acero resistente

Acero resistente a la intemperie.

  • Cada base de apilamiento pesa 35 LBS.
  • Dimensiones: 20 x 20 x 0,5 pulgadas.
  • Apto sólo para la base The Square 2.
  • La base se vende por separado.
  • Hasta 3 apiladores por base.

Garantía limitada de 10 años para el marco.*

Telas Terylast: garantía limitada de 10 años.*

Tela Sunbrella: Garantía limitada de 5 años.*


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Rated 4.8 / 5
Based on 37 reviews
Susan Slonecker-Garretson
This is precisely what I needed for my umbrella base. They made my stand steady without taking its excellent look at it. I can't even describe how happy I am with these stacks.
Donald Emanuel
I ordered it four days ago, and The Square Stack arrived yesterday. They work pretty fine with the 22in x 22in sized bases; it is not thick and makes it possible to stack several together without creating much fuss.
Diane Dixson
The concept used to make the Square Base is mind-blowing. Am sure everyone with an umbrella stand would like this, and it makes it sturdier and better looking.
Joseph Orlando
I love this product. I honestly haven't seen a product like this elsewhere in the market. I searched and I only found filthy sand bags and cheap weights. Thank Gd, I found a sleek beautifully designed weight-stack. Our umbrellas haven't budged and don't expect them to even in a hurrican to be honest with you. Really impressed with the sleek modern
Dawn Mcclain
Precisely what was needed. This is a heavy weight, and easy to place. Especially with the handle the pick it up.
Justin Twombly
I wish I found something like this a long time ago. Love how chic it is. It fits perfectly. Very satisfied with my purchase and I definitely plan on buying more with the umbrellas that I plan to buy from midtown.
Katherine Limperis
We put the weight on our umbrella and it doesn
Mary Lou Chard
We have a pre-owned umbrella and were looking for a solution to keep it from tipping. The stack is great, it works just fine. Fast shipping too
Amy Martin
I think it's a great alternative to buying sand bags and shlepping sand from the store. We got a nice thin weight stack and it works just fine, holds up our umbrellas in stormy conditions. The shipping was good and service was good.
Ethel Ellis
I'm very pleased with the product. The shipping was like expected and the product works. Nice and heavy
Daniel Reeves
It's very thick and strong the weight stack. Experienced some decent wind last night while sitting outside. Overall good product, I definitely recommend.
Stacey Southard
Does a fantastic job at adding weight. I like how simple the stack is. That's important for me. So I like this product, i recommend. The price was great for this too. Would buy again
Phyllis Lichaa
I've had old umbrellas that got knocked over from the wind. I bought these pretty convenient weight stacks. My umbrellas are all stable now. I don't have any of the midtown umbrellas now but i probably plan on buying in the future. These weight stacks work very well though on my umbrellas. Recommend
Suzanne Salerno
I got this weight stack for my umbrella. It works really good. I got this for my huge patio umbrella and it works like a classic. I looove the make of this stack
Winona Cherry
Great merchandise. I have a 10 ft umbrella and works strongly. It goes right in when you put the stack
Cindy Regier
Product does what it's intended. It's nice and heavy. Maybe would be good if this thing had wheels too to be able to carry it easier. All in all I really like this product
Rebecca Stupeck
So far this looks like its gonna work. This is an easy fix . A great fix for a cheap price.
Anna Smith
We got this stack for one of our umbrellas. The only thing I could say that needs a little improvement would be to make it easier to transport I think. I dunno maybe wheels on the base like in other products. Other than this it's a perfect product. Even a nice design too
Nora Paysour
It's a very easy attachment to the umbrella. And it has handled some pretty strong winds up to now. Easy attachment to umbrella to improve stability. Has handled some fairly severe winds thus far. It's affordable and incredibly easy to use plus install. Nice product!
Robert Torch
We had a problem. The wind kept knocking over our garden umbrellas... I I had three of them from Wayfair. I bought stacks for each umbrella and now there are no more issues. I have no complaints. It's well made and it works!
La pila cuadrada
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