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Midtown Sun Shade Reviews & Ratings

Midtown Sun Shade Reviews

Midtown Sun Shade

39  Reviews
  • Review left on 2/10/22

    A product worth the hype
    It was a recommendation from a friend, and I love it. Ordering was made easy thanks to the great features on your website. Keep up the excellent work.
  • Review left on 12/16/21

    I am loving it
    Very sturdy, gorgeous, and nicely built. The terylast fabric is the best umbrella fabric I have ever come across, and by using it here; it was impressive.
  • Review left on 11/4/21

    Dare to try
    The 3.6 by 3.6-meter triangle shape with terylast fabric looks perfect. The Midtown Sunshade triangle is not for everyone cause I doubt if everyone would appreciate its beauty, but it's perfect.
  • Review left on 9/13/21

    Stylish and quality
    This product is a good definition of what style and quality should be all about. It is terrific in every sense, and the hooks are easy to attach and detach. I can easily store it when I am on a trip.
  • Review left on 8/16/21

    Wonderful color choices
    Such beautiful colors to choose from. Its 5lb weight makes it all the more sturdy. I hardly suggest buying all the hardware it needs with the product. Otherwise, it may be a bit problematic.
  • Review left on 8/10/21

    A product that is priced accordingly
    The Midtown SunShade is definitely worth its price. Setting it up is easy, just a bit of knowledge on setting the hooks and ropes. Otherwise, it's a great product.
  • Review left on 6/29/21

    A nice delivery team
    The delivery was lovely, and the packaging was beautiful, given that they included hooks, rope, and a protective bag. Looking at the Midtown Sun Shade now, I am happy. It was worth every penny.
  • Review left on 6/12/21

    Wonderful customer service
    The customer service was one of a kind. I enjoyed the calls, which were very informative and finally led me to this great and excellent product.
  • Review left on 5/31/21

    Loving the fabric and what it can do
    I have a skin problem, and this shade has helped me big time, thanks to the terylast fabric. Now I know that the Sun's UV rays have nothing on me.
  • Review left on 5/30/21

    Nicely made product
    I was torn between picking the shapes of the shade. The rectangular shape still works wonders for me and my backyard, which had previously had not to shade.

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