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The Light Reviews

The Light

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  • Review left on 2/28/22

    Not so bad.
    I like the product. But are there LED white lights too? I feel like they would work better and complement my patio better. I think that it's a fantastic product that needs to have more modification options.
  • Review left on 2/21/22

    It is worth having
    Unpacking the product made me hesitant at first, but after assembling it, I was surprised. It has a great look that is made better when you start using it.
  • Review left on 12/30/21

    Very easy to install
    The installation process was relatively easy. I did not even need a manual to install. Charging it was fast, and it somehow lasted till the following day without going off.
  • Review left on 12/28/21

    The quality is unquestionable
    The quality of the product is unquestionable. It is incredible in the way it functions. Clipping it to the pole is not hard and using it is as easy as can be.
  • Review left on 12/27/21

    Just buy one
    I don't even know how to describe it because it is a great product. It is easy to use, the mechanism tightens well around my umbrella's aluminum pole.
  • Review left on 12/14/21

    Made my patio look good
    I have never seen my patio looking this good. They have been easy to use, and I wish there were ways to adjust the lighting intensity. It is lovely to have the intensity
  • Review left on 11/18/21

    Good with functionality
    A friend of mine had labeled this product as garbage. I bought it either way, and it's been a week and still functioning nicely. The look may have been disppointing, but it grew on me, and I have no complaint about it.
  • Review left on 11/3/21

    A good first impression
    This is my first time trying this out, and it is excellent and fabulous. Reading through the description once more, I am glad that they advertised the product just as it is.
  • Review left on 10/18/21

    Seem like pretty little stars
    Stating at the light at night feels like being in a nice interrogation room, so beautiful that I don't want to leave. Very beautiful, and the heavy-duty materials look better than I expected.
  • Review left on 10/3/21

    Doesn't seem to attract bugs
    I would hate if they attracted bugs, but it doesn't. And am thankful for that. They work wonderfully, easy to charge and use, and to attach to the umbrella is not hard.

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