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The Perfect Throw™ Reviews & Ratings

The Perfect Throw™ Reviews

The Perfect Throw™

426  Reviews
  • Review left on 3/14/22

    Waterproof fabric.
    You'll love the Perfect Throw for what it's worth!! It is beautiful, excellent terylast material and well put together!! The stuffings are very comfortable, soft and don't lose their quality quickly.
  • Review left on 3/14/22

    Piece of art!!!
    I won't regret adding more perfect throw pillows in any area in my house that needs pillows; they are a piece of art. That sure is not a price steal.
  • Review left on 3/13/22

    Great purchase with a discount!!
    This pillow has provided comfort to my guests and given a whole new look to my guest house. I have to branch out and add some more to my bedroom.
  • Review left on 3/12/22

    The ad doesn't lie.
    The quality of the sunbrella fabric is nothing short of fabulous. It has one of the best patterns I have seen on throws, and for me, I don't regret that I got these throws.
  • Review left on 3/4/22

    Amazing fabric!!
    The price can not be beaten for such a quality and durable product. The Perfect Throw was easy to get, easy to maintain, and the description was fitting that washing them was easy.
  • Review left on 2/27/22

    The throws are extra comfortable.
    I usually don't feel like getting up after sleeping on The Perfect Throw pillows. They have the correct sizes, lovely fabric that warms to the touch and is soft.
  • Review left on 2/19/22

    More comfort!!
    The perfect throw pillow has added comfort to my patio. It was boring at first without them. My experience was that the bigger the pads, the better for me. So I bought the rectangular 24x12 inch pillows; my bed has never looked this good.
  • Review left on 2/17/22

    Well, down Midtown!!
    Midtown company has done it again. They have made the best throw so far. The terylast fabric is excellent, and the pillows have been well designed for comfort. Kudos!!
  • Review left on 2/11/22

    Not like any other pillow.
    Not like any other throw I bought, it is much better. It is an upgrade with its unique design, and the materials used are exquisite. I am impressed at how soft and relaxing they are.
  • Review left on 2/11/22

    The throw speaks for itself.
    I bought six pairs of the perfect throw, and they match the living room curtains and have added the vibrancy of my living room. I have had no problem with the pricing of the re rectangular 18x12 pillows because they work well enough.

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